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Models fom left to right: Caprice (24) & Indiana (26), Ulya (20) & Vika (22), and Lidiya (20) & Rita (21).

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About erotic model Michelle H.

     She started her career at age of 18 in the adult industry. She likes nature and the planet Earth. She comes from a noble family but she thinks, she is from Venus. She likes this planet because there are so many amazing things in this wonderful world. She likes traveling and she wants to smell different smells. She wanna to see different kinds of trees, flowers, plants, animals and people.
     When she spends a holiday traveling, she always takes a camera Canon with her and photographs everything that interests or pleases her: like the sights of a city, views of mountains, lakes, valleys, villages and the ruins of ancient buildings. She wants to capture the "empty" streets of Detroit in Michigan.

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     What a two rivals! Michelle and Mia. Well, a lot of us would have loved to be the photographers of this scene. We should make next commands: "Hey girls, quit looking at us.... please look at each other. It looks like these two hate each other or something. :D Yes, they both want the attention and neither gives it to the other one of course, so we lose on both ends for sure.

About top adult model Mia Sollis.

     She is a freckled girl who loves to eat chocolate ice cream while she is taking a bath. Her motto is: "Contrast feelings in the same time make each feeling more profound." She feels many things and thinks of them deeply. She believes thought is the passage in which we accomplish. She is a complicated person but.... after a few years Mia becomes the super professional experienced sexy model. Check out her top rated movies and enjoy the beauty of her hot body.

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Anna (18) & Tanya (24).

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