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A 20-year-old sensual blonde Nika lying naked on a red couch. Ardelia (21) is wearing a very sexy black stockings so lets admire her butt from behind. Penelope (18) spreading her legs in red wet nylons on a swing.
From left to right: Nika (20), Ardelia (21), and Penelope (18).

About erotic photographer Tony Ward:

Tony Ward.

Tony Ward's photographic imagery unites his primal love, erotic art, with his perennial passions for fashion, design, and portraiture. Ward achieved global notoriety with his first book of erotic photography, the controversial and highly praised Obsessions (Editions Stemmle, Zurich, 1998). Obsessions was followed by three even more challenging, innovative, and critically acclaimed volumes: Orgasm (Alixe, Paris, 2000), Tableaux Vivants (Stemmle, 2002) and OrgasmXL (Alixe, 2002). Prominent academics such as A.D. Coleman, Rick Wester, and Reinhold Misselbeck, have written illuminating essays that accompany these editions. Ward's fine art is widely collected, and he exhibits in galleries in America, Europe and Asia. Just as the audience for his sensual reflections is decidedly international, so his search for provocative new subjects necessitates constant worldwide travel. Ward makes his home in the historic heart of old Philadelphia, but his unending quest for inspiring imagery compels him to divide his creative time between diverse cosmopolitan centers from Los Angeles and Miami to Amsterdam and Hamburg, with extensive layovers in New York, London, Paris; and upcoming excursions to Prague and Budapest.

Naked bitches photographed by Tony.

MET ART is proud to introduce a real provocative photographer, that managed to keep his art untouched. He proudly avoided the lure of more commercial ventures, that would have compromised his integrity as an artist. A rare example of a true photographers. This is one of the reasons why we're more than thrilled to offer our member's the opportunity to explore his work. Many people are already well familiar with Tony Ward, through his widely successful and celebrated books. Ward's graphic meditations on his favorite themes, human sexuality's endless variations and intriguing taboos, are both groundbreaking and accessible. His work has been published in vanguard fashion magazines such as Spoon. Meanwhile, Penthouse magazine provides Ward with his widest venue, offering him the opportunity to bring his erotic obsessions to a sophisticated mainstream audience on a monthly basis. He has been a key contributor to the magazine since 1996.

Erotic photographers.

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