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Fiona (22) is a next door blonde with perky sharp tits. Penelope (19) takes off her blue jeans at home and shows off her  sexy white panties. Lena (25) looks so good on her knees.
Models from left to right: Fiona (22), Penelope (19), and Lena (25).

About erotic photographer Roy Stuart:

Fetish erotic art created by Roy Stuart.

Roy Stuart (born October 25, 1942 in New York City) is an American photographer and director who lives in Paris. His books are published by Taschen. One of the characteristics of the photographs of Roy Stuart is an astute blending of glamour photography (fetish erotic art) and pornography which puts a strong emphasis on female models. He also directed a movie, Giulia.
A ground-breaking exploration of 'authentic human passion', Roy Stuart produced photos that were both finely crafted compositions and highly charged representations of desire, without slipping into the tired stereotypes of pornography and the degrading portrayals that genre normally offers up. In his pictorial world, women are potently sexual figures who know what they want and are going to get it. Exploratory, experimental, they hold all the cards in the consensual power plays and fantasy enactments presented....

He captures women ecstatically fulfilling their sexual fantasies. Stuart's players are real people engaged in real sex, from a teasing flash of panty to the fullest expression of charged sexuality, from the natural perfection of dewy youth to the experience charm of women 'of a certain age'. For Stuart there are no taboos but bad photography and the passion-numbing stupidity of modern commercial pornography. For those who think they know the full range of Stuart, The Fourth Body will come as a revelation: these are images lifted from the secret drawer of the Stuart archive, more daring than anything he's previously published. Is Roy pushing our limits or his own? With the mysterious master one never knows. Enjoy the iconography of the female sex organ from ancient times to today through a diverse collection of paintings, illustrations, drawings, and photographs by Roy Stuart...

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