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Ardelia (20) is a very beautiful woman with dark curly hair. Dominika (23) is a lovely petite female with decent curves. Alysha (20) enjoying a beautiful sunny day in the park.
Babes from left to right: Ardelia (20), Dominika (23) and Alysha (20).

About erotic photographer Richard Murrian:

A few words by the artist: "This mysterious, alluring, and sometimes frightening place in time has long inspired great artists. Photographers David Hamilton, Jacques Bourboulon, Irina Ionesco; painters Balthus and Bouguereau, are but a handful of the great talents across all artistic genres that have explored this subject, each from their own unique perspective, each focusing on that area or characteristic of this magical transition they found most fascinating. I am such an artist, of a new generation, seeing things from a new perspective, but driven by the same inspiration. In my photos, it is the time of leaving this secret place, the ending of adolescence and emergence into womanhood that fascinates me. Through my camera’s lens I seek to open a window into this hidden world, this Secret Garden, in which the beautiful girls who model for me are existing, however fleetingly."

The Photographer Richard Murrian is an emerging fine art photographer currently living in Prague. His sensual, sensitive fine art images of young women have earned recognition over the past few years, being shown through the Internet, gallery exhibitions, and print publications. He is working on his first book, titled, "A Secret Garden", and is working toward a mid-2003 release date. Richard credits photographers David Hamilton and Robert Farber as his primary influences, though he frequently looks to the Pre-Raphaelite painters for inspiration. American by birth, he chose to relocate to Europe in 2002, finding the more liberal attitudes which exist there far more conducive to his work. Richard lives with his beautiful wife (and original model), Nancy, and their beagle/terrier mix dog "Socks". Richard is an young art photographer poised to rise quickly to the top. He’s already honed in upon a vision and created a compelling and breath-taking body of work... Hopefully, the world at large will soon come to appreciate the beautiful work that Richard does.

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