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Kinga and Nicolette. Two brunettes Sofie 25 and Suzi R. 27 kissing each other. Candice B (23) is a de-luxe babe with a body like a goddess.
Women from left to right: Kinka (21) & Nicolette (24), Sofi (25) & Suzi (27), and Candice (23).

About erotic photographer Jacques Bourboulon:

Jacques Bourboulon.

Another living legend of photography is now publishing with MET ART. His name is Jacques Bourboulon. Anyone that knows photography is familiar with his work. thirty years of pure passion, twenty photography books with over 400,000 copies sold. Even without knowing him, there's a very good chance that you saw one of his photos. His work is second to none, simply superb and timeless. Jacques Bourboulon is the French master of erotic photography. He rivals David Hamilton in popularity among collectors, and his books are becoming increasingly hard to find. Bourboulon's books were published mostly in Europe, never in the United States, and they are nearly impossible to find.

1967 - in France, J.B. tries new fashion photography. His photos are rapidly to appear in Vogue, after which he is to work for such renowned couturiers as Dior, Feraud and Carven. 1974 - As of this date J.B. abandons fashion, and dedicates 80% of his time doing private research and taking photos for his personal pleasure. 1975 - Already a seasoned traveller, J.B. decides to tour the world to present his images elsewhere, and starts up a collaboration with over 200 international magazines in Japan, Germany, Great Britain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia and New-Zealand. During all these years, his photographs are essentially of women and new-face girls. 1976 - Having always worked with a Pentax, an encounter with the directors of Pentax in Tokyo is inevitable. 1980 - Publication of his first book Des Corps Naturels. He has since published another 20 books (6 in Japan) of which 400,000 copies have been sold worldwide. During the past 17 years, he has also produced calendars, (Pentax 1987, BASF 1988, 1992, etc), postcards, posters, illustrations, photos for publicity and over 160 exhibitions around the world. 1976 - 1988 Because of its perfect light, J.B. takes most of his pictures during this period in Ibiza (Spain). This island became his natural studio for the next 12 years. 1985 - Having received hundreds of letters from amateur photographers around the world familiar with his work through his publications, exhibitions and books, J.B. decides to dedicate part of his time to the public with a passion for photography. For the big international photographic shows, he organises conferences, workshops, diaporamas and exhibitions in Tokyo, Sydney, Auckland, Cyprus, Cologne, Brussels, Stockholm, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona etc. His public appeal draws crowds and the photographic magazines regulary publish his work. 1989 - J.B. changes direction and decides to dedicate most of his time photographing the countryside and taking portraits. Filled with a new energy, he travels Europe and the world in quest of new faces and magic places. Even if he has little time for his music, it is still very important for him, and accompanies him on every photographic session. 1993 - In May, J.B. held workshops, diaporamas, exhibitions in Singapore, Auckland, Hong-Kong and Taiwan.

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