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Emma is a 18-year-old beautiful shyless blonde teenager. A 23-year-old Ilze takes off her red pantyhose in the bathroom. A 21-year-old teen babe Mika sleeping naked in the grass.
Girls from left to right: Emma (18), Ilze (23), Mika (21).

A hot girl Iva (19) in black tights gets naked after having a few glasses of wine:

She drinks alcohol alone at home. She holds a glass of white wine. She don't knows how pose in front of the lens. She is sitting on the floor and looking to you from the bottom. This 19-year-old lady has a tiny tits. A topless woman is playing with her curly hair on the hallway. She wearing a black tight pants. She slipped off her pants down and you can see her tight butt. A beautiful brunette in sexy pink panties is sitting on a fur. Hot erotic model Iva is posing nude at home. A pretty face with a wavy hair and a hot body. Take a peek on her gorgeous bottom from behind. A view of her bad shaved pussy down there. She shows off her cool naked ass on all her fours. She knows how to spread her legs apart. Photographed by photographer Albert Varin.

19 year old erotic model Iva. Erotic art photos created by Albert Varin.

    What a cutie with that wavy brunette hair tumbling around it! No tits but she looks good... Her slim body is perfect. Every inch... Another sexy model as hell. Iva started her modeling career at age of 19. She has a truly beautiful teen face, and warm smile. If that's all we could see it on her images - it would be enough... With her so wide range of facial expressions and exuberamt personality in front of the photographer, she would make an exxcellent actress.
     Yeah, look at her - with the face of a classic movie actress, you know what I'm talking about, as in Ida Lupino era. A black-white photography should be good enough. It will increase her pure beauty. But in my honest opinion she must learn to shave her sensitive pussy right ;) I vastly prefer the "completely shaved" look. So smooth, and inviting to the tongue, and everything... I think a woman like Iva should choose to sport pubic hair or shave it clean down there.

    She is looking for a boyfriend but she has been hurt and it will take a while to pick up and repair the pieces that have been broken. Iva is looking for something real in her life, happy friends, relationships, whatever... She thinks, massage is a great way to get to know people. She has a deep love for all animals. She loves to watch cartoons and Marvel movies and she reads comics too. She loves a guys on a Harley...

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A two pigtailed girls blonde Michaela (21) and brunette Astrud (24) posing naked on the furniture at home.
Astrud (24) & Michaela (21).

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