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22 years old blonde Sarika takes off her white panties for you. Maria Rubio (21) takes off her pink underwear in nature. Penelope 24 in yellow panties.
From left to right: Sarika (22), Maria Rubio (21) and Penelope (24).

About erotic photographer David Hamilton:

David Hamilton.

David Hamilton's unique view of the world began forming early. World War II sent him to the country side as a young man. It was here that the dirt and hard edge of London was replaced with the lovely countryside of Dorset (of Thomas Hardy fame). The dreamy beauty of the English landscape imprinted a vision of innocence and softness one still sees in his work today. After the war, Hamilton returned to London. Trapped behind a school desk in the war tom city would not last long for him. Quitting school for a job in an architect's office, his innate artistic skills began to emerge. At 20, he ventured out to Paris. It was not long before he was offered a job as graphic designer for Peter Knapp of Elle Magazine. He quickly climbed the ladder of success along with Elle Magazine through the early sixties. Hamilton's success was bitter sweet. He was hired away from Elle by Queen Magazine in London. Even though he was art director for this prestigious magazine, he realized his true love was Paris. Beauty to Hamilton had to always come first.

Back in Paris, Hamilton became art director of Printemps Paris' largest department store. Through all these years as graphic artist and art director, his eye is being subtly and thoroughly trained. Directing and guiding photographers to see and capture his ideas and vision was only the smallest step away from forming the art himself. Hamilton began photographing commercially while still employed. His dreamy, grainy style quickly brought him success. His photographs were in great demand by other magazines such as Realities, Twen and Photo. By the end of the sixties, Hamilton's style was clearly and unmistakably recognizable. This emergence is documented by his first book, Dreams of Young Girls.

After 16 books with combined sales well over one million, five feature films, countless magazine publishings and scores of museum and gallery exhibitions, David Hamilton has become a recognizable force in photography. Many fight his vision of beauty. They suggest that good photography must be hard edge, difficult or even painful to look at. Hamilton leaves the coldness and alienation to others. There is no ugliness and pain in his work. No sharp edges to cut the soul on. Hamilton is a lover of young beauty. In flowers, objects, seascapes and of course, women. His works are remembrances of times lost when innocence and pure beauty were the norm. When art was beauty incarnate.

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