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Models from left to right: Katya Thompson (18) & Natasha Perez (19), Katya Thompson (19), and Veronika Clark (23).

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Charmaine Campbell

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     "Hi people! Hello world! My name is Charmaine! This is my first photo shoot I loved it. (Note from webmaster: she has done 4 various shoots with about 500 unique photos...) It seemed to me that it would be difficult, but everything was very very easy and fan. About myself I can say that I'm very sociable and communicative person on the Facebook and on the Twitter, but my character is not simple as you mean. it is always easy for me to integrate online into any team. The real life? My hobby is country-western dances, which I have been doing for many years. I also love horses of course. I love to ride horses outdoors in fine weather. I wish you pleasant viewing my first photo shoot. Meet me..."

Maya Brown is a 20-year-old adult model from Australia.
Maya Brown (20).

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