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Jennifer M. (25) is a stunning beauty who loves to wear a fishnet top. Niemira 23 years old. An 18-year-old girl Milena posing with a white fabric.
Models from left to right: Jennifer (25), Niemira (23) and Milena (18).

About erotic photographer Brian Peterson:

Brian Peterson.

"I am a relative new comer to photography, first picking up a camera four and a half years ago. What started as an attempt to balance my computer related career with a creative diversion has turned into a passion. Being an apartment dweller, I immediately started down the digital route, bypassing the darkroom by scanning my black and white negatives and chromes. While I still occasionally work with black and white negatives, especially in low lit canyon areas, I am working now primarily with digital cameras. I started with a Phase One LightPhase digital back on a Mamiya 645AF and recently moved to the new Phase One H2O. For studio work I use the H2O on a Mamiya RZ67 and for location work I use the H2O on a Horseman DigiFlex II. To me, fine-art photography is a combination of light and form and some aspect of the human experience."

"This transcends a mere representation of the human form. In my work, I try to capture a unique expression of female beauty and sensuality. Light, form, composition and color all play an important role in creating this imagery, but an equally important aspect is the expression that a model projects into the composition. It is this unique expression, a bit of the essence of the model, that I attempt to capture. In order to capture this essense, a high degree of rapport is needed with the models I work with. The model must be in tune with the kind of images I want to create as facial features play an important in most of my work. I try to achieve this rapport by building a high degree of trust, open communication with the model, and a clear understanding that this is a cooperative creative process. While I can set the lights, create a set, set the pose, it is the model's creativity and expressiveness that in the end breathes life into my work. I approach each photographic session with a quiet mind and open eyes, awake to the infinite creative possibilities that each moment presents."

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