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From left to right: Evita Lima (19), Malta (22), Girls of holy nature (19-24).

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She wears a hat because it does protect from the sun. She tries to hide her bare body between the leaves. A nude girl with her hands up standing in shallow water. A cute blue-eyed face is watching at you. A pretty redhead woman walking naked in the woods. She holds in her hand a branch. She is teasing with her leg lifted up above her head in the water. She knows how to enjoy the sun outdoor. A happy redhead babe on all her fours in shallow water. She is sunbathing undressed on the grass. I love her pubic hair down there. She looks so happy in front of the lens. An adult model Anelie Johnson posing outdoor in nature. A sexy nudist near a river. A naughty pose of naturism. An amateur model posing outside.

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     What a sexy vixen in the water! Another lovely redhead who likes to show off her beautiful smooth body in front of the photographer Ronald Rylsky. Enlarge our sample pictures and enjoy the green leaves, her red hair, her white skin, happy eyes, and the sunlight on the water surface. What an amateur girl! She is absolutely charming and adorable. She has everzthing a man could want: a pretty face, a fresh boobs, and a perfect trimmed pussy. A 22-year-old girl named Anelie Johnson is a professional go-go dancer. She likes club music. She started to be erotic model because it is interesting for her and some of her good friends told her that it is something sensual and not dirty. :) Her hobby is beach volley. She has pets at home, both cat and dog. Her dream is to live in a World with no violence and wars.

     She likes chocolate and sun a lot... She wants to move to California or to Florida. Hmmmm, well, Florida and California are very very different... in every way you could imagine, perhaps the temperature is about the same, but Florida is humid and tropical and full of bugs... and CA is a desert climate because it never rains here, in FL it rains all the time. I am obviously bias, but so CL is a much better place to live than anywhere in FL of course.

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